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My Francophilia SPEAKS! [Jul. 25th, 2004|12:28 am]
The {{Sadly}} Still Nameless JC Poetry Club


[How does that make you feel? |devious]
[Listen! There is music playing! |Rainer Maria, Long Knives]

Rachel. Loves. French. Shit.
Specifically poetry. Rimbaud. Verlaine. Baudelaire.
From Les Fleurs Du Mal:

Horreur Sympathique
Charles Baudelaire

De ce ciel bizarre et livide,
Tourmenté comme ton destin,
Quels pensers dans ton âme vide
Descendent? Réponds, libertin.

—Insatiablement avide
De l'obscur et de l'incertain,
Je ne geindrai pas comme Ovide
Chassé du paradis latin.

Cieux déchirés comme des grèves,
En vous se mire mon orgueil,
Vos vastes nuages en deuil

Sont les corbillards de mes rêves,
Et vos lueurs sont le reflet
De l'Enfer où mon cœur se plaît.

Translation: by Richard Howard, mixed around by ME!
(like any translation, it keeps the theme and changes almost all of the words... :-/)

Sympathetic Horror

This odd and livid sky (in pain),
tormented like your destiny,
what thoughts descend in your empty
soul? Speak, libertine!

Insatiably avid for
the nameless and the obscure:
I will not complain like Ovid
whining for Rome.

Skies torn like canyons,
you accomodate my pride.
Your vast mourning clouds

are the hearse for my dreams,
and your glow is the reflection
of the Hell where my heart is at home.

Hehe, I love translating this stuff. :D