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Failing at most of my attempts... [Aug. 5th, 2004|02:20 am]
The {{Sadly}} Still Nameless JC Poetry Club


[How does that make you feel? |restlessrestless]
[Listen! There is music playing! |Shai Hulud, Given Flight By Demon's Wings]

I was just thinking of 10th grade English and how much that class changed my mind for the better, and of course I was drawn into thoughts of Sappho, and set off to research her a little more... I learn in snipets, always. Anyway, there was one fragment/poem that I read in that class that I remembered and set out to find, and what do you know? I found it. Two different translations of it, actually. I'm sure there are more. But still, all of this makes me angry and I actually am crying because in my mind I complain constantly at reading French poetry and seeing the discrepancies in the translations and the originals and it disgusts me, and here I am sobbing over Greek words when I wouldn't be able to comprehend the originals at all. So where is Wojo with his Greek-love?? These two translations could be SO WRONG, but they do run with what I remember... even though, what I remember was just something my teacher gave me, entirely English. UGH!

Some regard cavalry and footmen
More lovely than anything existing
on the blackened earth
others ships of war, but I say it is
whatever you love.

Each and all can see it simply:
Helen herself, more beautiful
by far than all, fled the
greatest of heroes, (her husband)
Deserted him she did and forgot
daughter and parents too when
soon she fared to Troy by sea:
so deeply was she changed by Cypris...

Suddenly remembering Anaktoria, though
already she is far.

Her gentle steps and brilliant radiance
form and face surrounding
I preferred
to Lydian infantry
and dully gleaming wagons"


Oh God, but you need this one too:

To me he seems like a god
as he sits facing you and
hears you near as you speak
softly and luagh

in a sweet echo that jolts
the heart in my ribs. For now
as I look at you my voice
is mpty and

can say nothing as my toungue
cracks and slender fire is quick
under my skin. My eyes are dead to light, my ears
pound, and sweat pours over me.
I convulse, greener than grass
and feel my mind slip as I
go close to death,

yet, being poor, must suffer

Sappho, friends. Haha, I am crying. Whatta fool. Where is Wojo? Do you think he would help the Greek-quest? Heh.

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[User Picture]From: __purelifebliss
2004-08-06 11:21 am (UTC)
Wojo could help, if help is needed, but emailing him generally does little difference, heh. He doesn't respond. At least not to emails sent to the JC email that I use to bother him... But the sad thing is that I wrote this whole poetry post in a weird mood so I probably wouldn't even ask him to teach me anything. I tend to do things in weird moods and never follow through with the feelings I expressed... But Sappho. She is still magnificent.
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